Below are samples of Cynthia Edwards' music from her CDs.

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06/07/2016Cynthia Edwards Christ Is All (Christ_Is_All_Sample.mp3)

Download Christ_Is_All_Sample.mp3
09/01/2020Cynthia Edwards Cry Not My Child (crynotclip.mp3)

Download crynotclip.mp3
09/01/2020Cynthia Edwards Don't Give Up (Brink of a Miracle) (dontgiveup30.mp3)

Download dontgiveup30.mp3
09/01/2020Cynthia Edwards His Name Is Jesus (hisname30.mp3)

Download hisname30.mp3
06/09/2016Cynthia Edwards If I Could Help Somebody (If_I_Could_Help_Somebody_Sample.mp3)

Download If_I_Could_Help_Somebody_Sample.mp3
09/01/2020Cynthia Edwards It Was Love (itwaslove30.mp3)

Download itwaslove30.mp3

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